About Us.

We want to make you feel safe, and there are a couple of ways to do this but but most important one is to protect you in your home.

I created Double D locksmiths in 2016 while serving as a full time firefighter for the London Fire brigade. I soon realised that those two jobs went hand in hand.

I saw how important it was for people to be able to escape their property when they are in a state of panic when there is a fire. The last thing you want to think about is “where are my keys” but on the other hand your property should be safe from unwanted people entering it so the quality of lock on your doors are very impossible too.Over the last 4 years the company grew and we added cctv and intruder alarms to our services.

We gained a couple of contracts and other people joined the company. My son Jean-Michel thought it was a good time time to re-name, re-launch re-brand the company but keep the main reason I started this business.

Make you feel safe!